Biblio-Graphic: Information Design, Icon Design & Book Design

Biblio-Graphic is an information graphic design book, which visually explores different sounds from the library of the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

The sounds are mapped, colour-coded, typographically presented and arranged throughout the book according to the physical landscape of the library. The book offers graphic elements that enable readers to ‘imagine’ the sounds and place them based on their knowledge of the library’s physical layout. The book’s aim is to reveal the true reality of noise / sound which exists within the supposedly quiet ambience of the library.


Anna Wintour by Yiying Lu in iPhone

Creative Advisors: Dr. Louise McWhinnie, Teresa Leung
Art Director: Amy Cook, Yiying Lu
Designer: Amy Cook, Yiying Lu
Copywriter: Amy Cook, Yiying Lu
Illustrator: Yiying Lu

© Copyright 2006-2015 Yiying Lu & Amy Cook