Success Loch Ness

After the 5th anniversary of Shorty Awards, a couple of friends @gregory @semel @yiyinglu @tomspano @scyshirley @theschlis were hanging at the @theponybar in the NYC.

@tomspano (Events Manager of @Twitter) asked me, ‘Since Twitter’s now became more and more stable, there’s less chance for folks to see your “Fail Whale” image. How about something opposite from the Fail Whale? – Success Whale?” Everyone goes “Nah, that doesn’t rhyme!”@semel then proposed: “How about the Success Loch Ness?!”


And the rest is history:

After and hour of the launch of the Success Lochness digitally, @jasoncseed and I visited @tomspano and gave him physical art pieces of both the “Fail Whale” and “Success Loch Ness”:  

The Loch Ness Monster has supposedly been spotted on Google Earth – but what other strange theories and sightings surround Nessie? More about the Loch Ness Monster: the strangest theories and sightings…

As it has been spotted recently by @semel

Finally, a Vined Birth Certificate of the Success Loch Ness, with Music!

And below is the GIF version of the art… We gotta to have a GIF for one of these things…

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