Talk 1: How to Be CREATIVE

In this talk, artist and creative Director Yiying Lu gave her real life examples to introduce how to use creative strategy to engage with your audiences and increase the user acquisition and Market Growth. C for Combine, R for Reflect, E for Execute, A for Adapt, T for Test, I for Inspire, E for Engage,V for Venture and E for Engage. This talk was given in Seoul, Korea at STARTUP:CON 2016 with 250+ audiences.

Talk 2: How to Use Creative Branding for Growth: Start With Why

In this talk, Yiying Lu explains how to use effective and creative branding to connect with your customers, and give them a positive emotional impression of the value of your product or service. Following Simon Sinek’s now famous Ted Talk, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, this talk walks you through how to use branding to influence your customers’ decision-making. You must change hearts to change minds and drive behavior.