Anglerfish: Deep Oceans Exhibition

Anglerfish Interactive Illustration for Australian Museum Deep Oceans Exhibition

Large format digital Illustration for Australian Museum for the Deep Oceans exhibition. Collaborating with Boomvox‘s photo-taking app and interactive Wall graphic.  People are swimming right up to the art, pretending they are 1000 leagues under the sea with the giant angler fish, adding interactivity for visitors and the opportunity to reflect on what they learned and thought.

The art looks fantastic in Deep Oceans and people relish the opportunity to interact with it.   From a practical point of view, as our exhibition will travel to a number of different venues, it’s ideal that they’re so durable and can be so easily removed and re-applied.

Em Blamey
Exhibition Project Coordinator at the Australian Museum

Featuring: the {tiny} times

When the Australia Museum asked us to design an ‘exit experience’ with our photo-taking app for the Deep Oceans exhibition, we knew we had to come up with a way to get visitors to spontaneously approach and ‘dive in’.  Working with Yiying Lu on the project made all the difference.  The interactive wall art they produced creates the perfect mix of discovery, danger, and fun. People are swimming right up to the art, pretending they are 1000 leagues under the sea with the giant squid and angler fish. We’ve seen a huge response rate across all ages.  Yiying’s interactive wall art comes across well at the exhibit and also as a digital momento.  When the photo arrives into participants’ inboxes, they have a personalised piece of digital art.  Fantastic!   We look forward to the opportunity to work together with Yiying Lu again.

Barbara Merz and Melanie Kansil
Co-Founders at BoomVox

By using BoomVox and the custom-designed wall art by Yiying Lu, we’re adding interactivity for visitors and the opportunity to reflect on what they learned and thought.  The iPads enable audiences to bring Deep Oceans home through advanced technology.

Lynda Kelly
Manager, Online and Audience Research at the Australian Museum

We wanted to create something for kids – and kids at heart – to connect to this amazing oceans exhibit. We are thrilled to work with Yiying Lu to help the Museum unleash the tech-savvy interests of their audience.

Melanie Kansil
CEO at BoomVox

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