ReBranding by Yiying Lu

“ Brands are psychology and science brought together as a promise mark as opposed to a trademark.”
— Scott Goodson,  Forbes: Why Brand Building Is Important 

While a logo the key foundation to any brands, a brand is more than a logo. The brand is your promise to your customer, the statement of your institution, and the visual voice to express the unique character of your company.

Over the past 8 years, I have helped various institutions to refresh their brands, including large and small businesses, retail, B2B, government agencies, nonprofits organizations, as well as individuals.

The essence to my practice is to redefine, redesign and revive the brand voice of each business; to create a shift in its brand strategy and brand positioning, in order to establish a new identity in the minds of its consumers, investors and competitors; which will help to increase the growth potential for its business in the ever-changing competitive landscape.

Below are some examples:

Wasabi Warriors [Retail]
Brand Re-design for the Award-Winning Australian sushi retail franchise, Wasabi Warriors (formerly GoSushi).

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Nanotek [Retail

Brand Re-design for the multi-award winning mobile car cleaning franchise, Nanotek (formerly Ecowash Mobile).

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Nootie Pet [Retail]
Brand Re-design for Florida based pet lifestyle company, Nootie (formerly “Pet Philosophy”).

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Whispa [Tech Startup]
Brand Re-design for tech music startup, Whipsa (formerly Chinese Whispers Music).

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Navisens [Tech Startup
Brand Re-design for San Francisco based tech startup, Navisens™ who provides creative software-only solution to make mobile devices location aware.

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Mashgrams  [Tech Startup] 
Brand Re-design for San Francisco based tech startup application, Mashgrams (formerly Chinese Whispers Music).

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to experience the entire project:



Wonder of Science [Educational Institution] 
Brand Re-design for Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)’s Wonder of Science, a program to help kids develop a love of science.

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Orion [Tech] 
Brand Re-design for Orion, a software development project focuses on web development tools.



Polarsys [Tech]
Brand Re-design for PolarSys, an open source tool for the development of embedded systems


divider [Tech]
Brand Re-design for Online URL shortener site, which turns a long URL into a much shorter one.



Transist  [Tech Incubator]
Brand Re-design for Shanghai based tech incubator which invest in early stage technology companies solve social challenges, Transist.



Wild Fish [Retail] 
Brand Re-design for Australian fashion eye-wear brand, Wild Fish.



eDogs  [Retail] 
Brand Re-design for online pet shop, eDogs. The design was selected and published in the book Really Good Logos Explained: Top Design Professionals Critique 500 Logos and Explain What Makes Them Work by Rockport Publishers.



ZenDiva [Retail] 
Brand Re-design for Australian natural aromatic soy and palm wax candle company, ZenDiva.



The Environmental Type [Orgnization]
Brand Re-design for The Environmental Type, an Australian organization provide support for business and environmental projects.



Annie Agnew [Personal]
Brand Re-design for Annie Agnew, a well respected educator with 20 years’ experience in the classroom and leadership positions nationally and internationally.



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